Using dentures is the solution for people who have lost all or most of their natural teeth. Without dentures, a toothless mouth will pull in the surrounding skin, making the face look older. And of course, talking and eating is more difficult without teeth.

Dentures can take the place of the missing teeth. There are two kinds of dentures: complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for people who don’t have any teeth left. Partial dentures, which are also known as over-dentures, are for people who have a few remaining healthy teeth left in the mouth.

Symptoms that Warrant Dentures

Despite the strength of teeth, these can be lost, either suddenly or gradually. Many teeth can be lost in an accident. Teeth can also be lost because of periodontitis, a severe gum disease caused by bacteria. Whatever is the reason for losing so many teeth, the result is the same. The mouth ends up empty and no longer as capable of eating, chewing, and speaking.

Of course, having dentures is an option that can remedy the situation. The prosthodontist, a dentist who specializes in teeth replacement, would recommend the use of dentures to maintain better oral health.

Dentures Procedure

During the first visit to the dentist or the prosthodontist, the patient’s entire mouth is inspected. Any decaying tooth that remains in the mouth will be removed. Then, the dentist will create a model of the patient’s jaw.

The dentures can be placed immediately after one visit to the dentist, but there are advantages and disadvantages to promptly obtaining dentures once a tooth has been removed. Of course, the advantage is that the public does not need to see an individual without teeth.

However, the disadvantage is that the dentures will not fit perfectly after the gums have healed. The dentures may need to be relined and re-based. However, if a person is not in a hurry to have immediate replacements, he/she can opt for the more conventional route. That is, the dentist will wait for the gums to be completely healed before placing the dentures. Then, the new dentures should be worn 24 hours a day so that the person can fully adjust to the feeling of wearing them. After a few weeks, the dentures should be removed during sleep to allow the gums to relax.

Dentures Results

The most obvious result of having dentures is a better smile. Whether we like it or not, a toothless smile is endearing only in toddlers, but appalling in adults. With dentures, a person can eat better, speak better, and face other people with more confidence. The dentures, however, needed to be maintained well. While they are not real teeth, they should also be brushed as often. The rest of the mouth should also be cleaned before wearing dentures.