How Dental Implants Save You Money

Dental implants may provide the best way to avoid emptying one’s bank account.

A new report in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants demonstrates the ways in which dental implants are a beneficial alternative when compared to conventional tooth replacement treatment.

The report stems from a comprehensive review of all studies published in the English language from 2000 though 2010. The total ended up being 14 studies on the matter.

There were numerous specific findings that came from the study. The first of which was that for single-tooth replacement, implant-based solutions were cheaper than traditional tooth-borne prostheses.

There were also higher initial costs for implant-borne solutions for patients with full dentures. The consensus, however, based on most studies was that dental implants are a long-term, cost-effective treatment option. For older edentulous patients, they were ok with paying for dental implants. There was also a movement for raising the overall level of quality of life based on oral health, which coincided with lower healthcare costs.

The goal of this study was to put all of the recent information on this matter into one study that could end up being the study of record on this matter. Based on the places in which the study appears, the goal has been achieved.