Check Up And Cleaning

  • Regularly scheduling a dental check up and cleaning appointment is the first step to great oral care.

  • During your first dental checkup at a new dentist, expect to fill out some basic health history paperwork and get a thorough dental cleaning by a certified oral hygienist.

  • They will do a visual inspection, make a dental chart, and examine your teeth for tooth decay or problem areas.

  • Teeth will be scaled (tartar buildup removed), polished and treated with fluoride for a clean and bright smile.

dental checkup

Dental check-ups are easy to schedule, due to the nature of the appointment. For dentists, this is a routine and simple procedure which is mostly handled by certified dental hygienists, and then looked over by a dentist.

A typical check up and cleaning procedure can take up to an hour, and sometimes longer depending on the dentist.

Dental hygienists are gentle with your teeth and gums during the clean, and will often floss, scale, polish, and fluoridate your teeth to keep your tooth enamel healthy.

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