Dental Insurance

Find An Affordable Dental Insurance Plan

Without insurance, regular dental visits can be expensive.

Get A Dental Insurance Plan That Works For You

“Should I get dental insurance?” is a common question that many people have, particularly if they are not currently covered through their work benefits. Dental insurance is a necessity for people who do not currently have dental coverage.

Without adequate dental insurance, patients suffering from tooth pain and dental problems may find themselves with debilitating pain, unable to work or care for their families.

Emergency dental care can be extremely expensive, resulting in enormous dental bills that could take years to pay off.

When shopping for dental insurance, keep in mind that some programs have an annual maximum that they will pay out. There are three general types of dental procedures including preventative care, major procedures and restorative (basic) treatment.

Some dental insurance plans also require that you use a dentist that is part of their network, so if you plan to use your current dentist, be aware the reimbursement amount may be less than if you use a networked dentist as specified by your dental insurance plan. Check with the policy’s waiting period, which stipulates how long you must wait before accessing certain pricier dental procedure and treatments.

To decide what dental insurance plan will work best for you, talk to your current dentist about what sort of dental needs you have so you can formulate a cost-effective plan for buying the dental insurance that will best suit your needs.